Learn How To Start Beard Maintenance

A well-groomed man has a naturally resplendent personality. It is always a pleasant sight to watch and speak to a man who has a well-maintained and well-styled beard to flaunt. However, it could be tricky to maintain beard hair, especially when the weather changes and when you have an active lifestyle. Learning to maintain beard hair early helps to keep away annoying beard itches and gives you a sharp and stylish look. Listed below are a few ideas that you could borrow.

Grow it out

The first step is to let your beard grow out for 4-6 weeks without trimming or styling it. This will help the hair to grow out evenly and will let you pick a style to suit your face.

Pick a style

Once your hair grows out, pick a style by consulting a beard stylist. He will know which style would suit your face type.

Trim it out

After the first 6 weeks and the final choice of beard style, you must keep trimming or pruning the hair. A good quality trimmer is an investment in this case and will help you stick to your master plan. You could choose to keep it long or keep it cropped and close to your face.

Wash frequently

Food and dead skin cells can get lodged in your beard and make it itchy. Make sure that you scrub it well at least thrice a week and used a specialized beard shampoo or cleanser to keep it clean. Do not overdo while drying it with a towel.

Beard oil and Beard balms

Regular use of oil and beard balms will help to make it thicker, fuller, softer and shinier.

Tame it

Use a beard brush, beard comb, trimmer or beard scissors to keep your beard hair tame. Always comb or brush in the downward direction.