Using a butt plug to add excitement to your sex life is great. It can be used by men as well as women in all kinds of straight or otherwise relationships.

While using them can be fun, it is essential never ever to forget the hygiene part of it. The main reason behind it is to remove even the slightest possibility of diseases like HIV or Hepatitis C. This is because of where these toys are inserted. Also, even if the butt plug is small, there always is a chance that it might cause a small break or tear in the anal area and let blood on the butt plug.

It is usually best if each person has their own sex toys for exclusive use. And even if you do share, you must consider putting a condom over it, or use it with extreme care.

Keeping your sex toys clean and free of prospective infections is not just safe for you, it also helps your toy last longer. Cleaning butt plugs and other sex toys are not very difficult. Let us see how to clean a love plug or a butt plug.

Cleaning a butt plug

One must always make it a habit to wash and clean your butt plugs immediately after use. This makes it convenient to use it easily the next time. You first simply use warm water and clean off all the lubrication and fecal matter that may have come on the butt plug. After having done that you then use some anti-bacterial soap and wash the butt plug clean. Never make use of any scrubbing agents like a brush, as it might damage the texture of the butt plug which might end up hurting the inner lining of the anus.

Once again wash off all the soap using warm water. Now air dries the butt plug by keeping it out in the open for a while. Once it has dried it is best to keep each toy in its individual zip lock pouch rather than clustering them all together.