How To Lose 3 Pounds A Week?

There are numerous ways to lose 3 pounds a week but all are not healthy. Fitness market is filled with lot of weight loss solutions where some claim to offer quick weight loss in a short period. The result through quick loss solutions will not sustain and you are likely to gain the weight back soon. If you want embark on a healthy weight loss journey you will have to ensure that you choose healthy programs that offer a steady weight loss and also help you sustain it.

Nutrisystem is one of the popular weight loss programs available in the market that have a longstanding track record. The program offers healthy diet plans to jumpstart your weight loss journey. In the beginning of year 2018, it had launched a new plan called Turbo 13 which claims to offer up 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month of following the diet plan. This amount of weight loss is possible because of the Turbo Takeoff kit delivered in the first week of the program. The meals included in this kit are designed to accelerate your weight loss process. The standard plans of Nutrisystem are designed to meet the individual metabolic needs of dieters. Visit to read a detailed review on Nutrisystem and its plans.

If you want to follow your own diet ensure that you choose foods that are low in carbohydrates, high in protein and fiber. High protein and fiber foods keep you feeling full for a longer time and prevent you from binging. It is also essential that you keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water in a day. Water is capable of flushing away the toxins and wastes that are detrimental to your health. On the other hand water does not have calories too. Including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet prevents you from overeating and keeps you healthy throughout.

How To Lose 150 Pounds In A Year?

To lose weight you will have to create a calorie deficit which means you will have to burn more calories than you expend. Aiming for 150 pounds of weight loss in a year is an appreciable goal. You have 12 months to focus on your weight loss journey and therefore you can go slowly. It is better that you maintain to lose weight up to 2lbs per week which is the recommended weight loss rate. It is also recommended you take care of your loose skin as you lose weight. When you follow a well balanced diet you will be losing weight in a healthy manner without having any side effects.

A balanced diet is nothing but including foods from all food groups and ensuring that the body receives all kinds of nutrients without any dearth. Unless you are a qualified nutritionist arriving at a balanced diet is something not likely. During such situations, you can follow diet programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, etc that provide balanced and low calorie diet. Both the programs aim at providing up to 2lbs of weight loss through their well balanced diet meals. However, when following Nutrisystem, the program claims to offer 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month through the Turbo 13 plan. Visit to read through a comparison article on these two diet programs.

Ensure that you follow a diet that is filled with essential components like proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. All acclaimed weight loss programs recommend including fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. In addition to that you have to drink plenty of water and avoid beverages like soda that fill you with empty calories. Drinking plenty of water eliminates the toxins and keeps your body hydrated. Lastly, including a healthy workout routine is very essential at least for 30 minutes that keeps up your heart rate; ensure that it includes strength training exercises to keep your muscle strong.

This Is Where I Found Tommy’s Fantastic Bed!

Pet peeve!

The only reason which discouraged me from having my own dog was that neighbors and house owners all through my life were not dog friendly and I kind of found the idea weird to have someone around who would not be loved and welcomed everywhere. So, the idea of not adopting a pooch stayed permanently etched in my mind. Unless of course I shifted to my present residence!

And what a relief it was!

It was great to be able to move out a place where the people were absolutely not animal friendly and top it they would put up all kinds of notices warning that there must not be dogs and cats adopted by the residents. It was almost kind of putting off.

The best thing to have happened:

So, here I was holding my furry son and smiling away to glory. And for the first time I felt so complete. I knew that when I am away there would be someone waiting for me to get back and fuss over me when I m back after a long day at work. And the walks and the fun! Wow!!

I started accessorizing the house:

It was only after Tommy came to stay did I start actually buying things that he would need around the house. I had to start with a bed. I was looking for durable dog beds since I knew he would not like to continuously keep changing it just in case he got used to it. So, the idea was to get it right in the first time itself.

Thank god for the furnishing shop in the neighborhood!

I found what I was looking for after a few futile attempts and thankfully at the neighborhood furniture shop itself. This meant I did not have to shell out for transportation as the store was not for free transportation. Tom loves his sofa cum bed and he loves to try different styles of sitting and lying n it as much as I love watching his antics!

Get stylish wristbands the next time you go shopping

Wristbands are something which shows the style statement of a person. This is one accessory which is preferred by many without any age restriction. It is easily available in retail shops and also online.

There are many varieties of these wristbands, made of different materials which are in production and sale. There are also options for getting them customized and made as per the client’s wish. This can be in terms of color, material or even have the initials or any symbol as wanted by the customer. There is one type of customized silicone bracelets, also called as gel bracelets which are very popular and have a cool look.

These wristbands are available in many colors and are made of silicone; they are inexpensive and are available easily. They are also called as awareness bracelets as they represent the wearer’s support towards a cause or a charitable organization.

Though there has been a varied use of such types of wristbands which also ran into certain controversies, yet the market for wristbands has not been disturbed. Much effort has been taken into the marketing of these wristbands and their inclusion in everyone’s closet has become a must.

Definitely, when people shop for accessories this wristband has a sure place in their kart. It also signifies the simplicity of people who wear them. So make sure to buy a cool wristband when you shop the next time for style and fashion.

Online offers for these wristbands have been made very wide, with offers from standardized models to customized ones. They are also available as per the design we need. The model can be chosen from their designs and our specifications added to it.

It makes our shopping also easier, by giving us the comfort to choose the designs suitable to our taste without visiting many shops in search of that particular model we are looking for buying. Online shopping has made it possible. Check out the websites and place orders for yourself and walk in that stylish look.

Simple Ways To Shop for weight loss programs

As the topic suggests there is nothing like a special shopping for a diet plan because not all the diet plans help you in reducing weight and there are also ones that would give you results but only for a temporary period. There are diet plans that are of no use but only bring harm to the body by depriving it of all essential nutrients required for a healthy living. So you cannot and should not rely on a diet plan as such for all of them are not really effective. So instead of getting confused and stressed with what to shop and how to shop, you can actually follow your regular shopping methods with some minor modifications in them.

  • Try to shop for the whole week so that you do not visit the shop very often. This is one important point when comes to weight reduction because the more you visit the shop, the more you would be tempted to buy things and foodstuff that might not aid you in your weight reduction.
  • Try to avoid the junk food section in the shop which is probably the most dangerous one for your diet plan. This is because it is these that form the major part of our plates and hence trying to stay away from them would amply help in the weight reduction efforts.
  • Try to supplement your regular foods with more of vegetables and fruits so that you are adding nutrients to the body at the same time aiding the weight reduction plan.
  • Sona Creamery website talks about how you can have a healthy and simple diet plan at home. It also elaborates about some of the best healthy food supplements, health drinks that can amply support and help you in your weight reduction regime. So try visiting the website for there is a lot you need to know about weight reduction and you will find some of the important factors for weight reduction here.

Learn How To Start Beard Maintenance

A well-groomed man has a naturally resplendent personality. It is always a pleasant sight to watch and speak to a man who has a well-maintained and well-styled beard to flaunt. However, it could be tricky to maintain beard hair, especially when the weather changes and when you have an active lifestyle. Learning to maintain beard hair early helps to keep away annoying beard itches and gives you a sharp and stylish look. Listed below are a few ideas that you could borrow.

Grow it out

The first step is to let your beard grow out for 4-6 weeks without trimming or styling it. This will help the hair to grow out evenly and will let you pick a style to suit your face.

Pick a style

Once your hair grows out, pick a style by consulting a beard stylist. He will know which style would suit your face type.

Trim it out

After the first 6 weeks and the final choice of beard style, you must keep trimming or pruning the hair. A good quality trimmer is an investment in this case and will help you stick to your master plan. You could choose to keep it long or keep it cropped and close to your face.

Wash frequently

Food and dead skin cells can get lodged in your beard and make it itchy. Make sure that you scrub it well at least thrice a week and used a specialized beard shampoo or cleanser to keep it clean. Do not overdo while drying it with a towel.

Beard oil and Beard balms

Regular use of oil and beard balms will help to make it thicker, fuller, softer and shinier.

Tame it

Use a beard brush, beard comb, trimmer or beard scissors to keep your beard hair tame. Always comb or brush in the downward direction.

Learn To Do Outdoor Kennels Like A Professional

The security is an important requisite be it for the humans or for the humans owned pet dogs and that is why building a secured kennel for your dog is as much as important like building a secured home for yourself. Especially when your dog is let to stay in the outdoors, the necessity of having an appropriate kennel for it only increases as its security, comfort and as well as the privacy are at stake here. Therefore, employ necessary steps like the ones mentioned below to create the best outdoor kennel for your adorable canine and be sure of its adequate security and safety all the times.

  • Location matters

If you have a reasonable outer space then, choosing the right location matters to accomplish necessary things like attending to your dog, cleaning and maintaining the dog kennel and so on. Also, you may have to check the local zoning laws before making any property improvements to avoid any legal implications, safely. But, if space is a constraint then, you don’t have a choice but to build the kennel as appropriate to the situation.

  • Dimension

Although 6-foot by 12-foot (rectangular) or 6-foot by 6-foot(square) is an appropriate dimension to have the dog kennel, if you have a greater outer space, go for 12-foot by 24-foot rectangular dimension to allow more room for your lovable pet dog. Again, your dog size also matters, which you have to consider before concluding the dimension for the dog kennel.

  • Protection

A roof can be the best choice to prevent your naughty dog from jumping over the fence and as well as to protect the dog from harsh weather conditions like hot sun and heavy rain.

  • Flooring

Although dogs prefer the grassy area, if that is not an option, go for a gravel or a large flat stone flooring to allow for the comfortable movement of your dog.

  • Fencing

A chain-link fencing is the best bet as it is not only affordable but also easy to assemble.

If building an outdoor kennel is not an option for you then, easily find a suitable one by checking these best outdoor kennels reviewed!



Using a butt plug to add excitement to your sex life is great. It can be used by men as well as women in all kinds of straight or otherwise relationships.

While using them can be fun, it is essential never ever to forget the hygiene part of it. The main reason behind it is to remove even the slightest possibility of diseases like HIV or Hepatitis C. This is because of where these toys are inserted. Also, even if the butt plug is small, there always is a chance that it might cause a small break or tear in the anal area and let blood on the butt plug.

It is usually best if each person has their own sex toys for exclusive use. And even if you do share, you must consider putting a condom over it, or use it with extreme care.

Keeping your sex toys clean and free of prospective infections is not just safe for you, it also helps your toy last longer. Cleaning butt plugs and other sex toys are not very difficult. Let us see how to clean a love plug or a butt plug.

Cleaning a butt plug

One must always make it a habit to wash and clean your butt plugs immediately after use. This makes it convenient to use it easily the next time. You first simply use warm water and clean off all the lubrication and fecal matter that may have come on the butt plug. After having done that you then use some anti-bacterial soap and wash the butt plug clean. Never make use of any scrubbing agents like a brush, as it might damage the texture of the butt plug which might end up hurting the inner lining of the anus.

Once again wash off all the soap using warm water. Now air dries the butt plug by keeping it out in the open for a while. Once it has dried it is best to keep each toy in its individual zip lock pouch rather than clustering them all together.

What to Remember Before You Buy MUT Coins

What to Remember Before You Buy MUT Coins

Madden fans are always looking out for coins. Coins and characters are important resources required for progress. It is essential that you earn them atleast in the beginners’ levels to get a hang of the gameplay environment. When all players earn their coins, there is healthy competition, and a healthy auction house to get you the deals you want.

However, the competition is so intense and fierce at times, that progress in the gaming levels seems very tough and frustrating. And people start looking for sellers that can give them the needed coins for gameplay.If you want to buy madden coins from an online source it is well worth noting the risks involved:

  • Buying coins means breaking the rules. Virtual currency for online games needs to be earned and not bought. You face the risk of being banned from the game, if you’re caught on the wrong foot.
  • Many of the so-called MUT coin vendors are spamming and phishing sites. There is a good chance that the info you give may become your nemesis and hackers may use it to steal your personal info and details for dubious purposes. So, when you’re out to buy virtual currency, be very careful about the party you’re sharing your information with.
  • Buying required coins may seem the easy way out. We recommend that you use it only as the last resort. There’s a good chance that your gaming action and strategy is not working to your good and needs improvement. If you buy coins, you still may have the same skill sets for playing, this may not help you in the long run.If you want to progress, play more often and practice meticulously. Do not let an easy purchase of coins impede your progress and skill learning capabilities.

Apart from this, when buying Madden coins, do remember to be very careful:

  • Have a very secure, complex password that only you can remember and never share your login info with anyone online or otherwise. Do not fall a prey to super deals that promise the moon and learn to identify scams, spams and phishing sites. Enhance your online knowledge and remember you can never be too careful online.


Steps To Choose The Right Gaming Monitor

Looking for a gaming monitor to enhance your gaming experience? Want to enjoy all those graphics and colors to the fullest? Don’t know how to go about selecting the right gaming screen for your needs? Here is what you can do:

List It Out

Come up with a list of the various monitors available in the market today. This list should not only have the names of the products but must also have details such as the make, size, resolution, panel details, etc. These details are what help you narrow down your choice and finally select the right monitor. The price of each of these monitors is also important. Gaming screens don’t come cheap and having a budget is necessary to ensure you don’t end up spending more than what you can afford.

Check Out Lists

After coming up with your own list, check out the lists online ultra high refresh rate gaming displays. You are bound to find various lists published online based on various criteria. Check out the gaming monitors list for the current year, the upcoming year, the best-rated monitors, etc. This will give you a better list of monitors – 144hz, 4k, 1440p, ultrawide, etc.

Narrow Down The List

Now narrow down your list based on the other lists and your preferences. When you have enough details about each product, it makes it easier to filter out the ones that may not suit you.

Check Reviews

Go online and check the customer reviews of the narrowed down list. Customer reviews are more reliable than the company reviews as you will get to know the actual problems faced by users. Electronic items come with a lot of promises but not every single one of them delivers what is promised. When you know both the positives and the negatives of a product, you can make a wise, well-informed choice.

Follow the above steps and make a well-informed decision and save yourself some money and time.

Want A Purse? Invest In A Gucci

When you step out well dressed in that cute dress and beautiful shoes, the only thing missing from making that the perfect outfit is a cute little purse that can go along with your dress, match it perfectly, yet hold everything you want to carry.

Get A Branded Purse

While one can go in for any purse that is available in the market, going for a branded one can make all the difference, especially for those who follow fashion. Even if your clothes are just off the rack or if you are wearing the same clothes again, a different purse can make all the difference you want.

Wondering which brand to go to? Get yourself a Gucci purse and you will see how many heads you can turn your way. This is because Gucci has a very high reputation for selling only the best and they don’t sell low-quality items. When you carry something that is well known for style and quality, your style quotient is increased automatically.

Why A Gucci?                                                    

Still not convinced about investing in a Gucci? Here are some more reasons to invest in them right away:

  • They have all the colors you can think of. Hence you can not only buy the most trending color but can also buy your favorite colors
  • They have all the latest trends. No more compromising on the current trend just because you are opting for a particular brand
  • The various sizes available in bags and purses is a good enough reason to just put your money on it. Every girl loves a bag that can hold it all. And here, you get just that

The reputation and the recognition those two letters of the Gucci logo can get you are priceless. You are immediately considered as one of the elite and stylish people around.